An updated plan on reducing my ecological footprint

Within the first week of started my steps in reducing my ecological footprint, I have made many steps in the right direction to a greener living style. Although there is still a lot of room for improvement to be made, I feel great about the progress I have made. I purchased a two power strips for my bedroom, and have even been remembering to turn them off each time I leave the house for an extended time period. I have made a few adjustments to make my 3 goals to make them more defined and concrete. 

3 NEW goals to reduce my carbon footprint:

1. Move away form the different processed foods & begin to purchase more local foods. For a 21 year old college kid, I would say that I have the typical diet. I eat my fruits and vegetables, but not nearly as often as my PB&J’s and Top Ramen. I have also noticed the amount of meat I have consumed over the past week, and it is more than what I imagined. I have decided to cut down on my meat consumption, and only eat meat 5 times a week, rather than 8 or 9 times. 

2. Use less electricity: No matter how many times I double check before leaving the house, I always come home to notice another light on I forgot to turn off. This quarter I have promised myself to not leave a light on unnecessarily once. Not only will this help protect the earth, it will also save me money on my electricity bill. I have purchased two power strips, and I plan on continuing to turn them off each time I leave the house. I also have encouraged my roommates to become more aware of the lights they are leaving on as well.

3. For my third goal, instead of focusing on my driving patterns I have switched gears, and decided to focus on recycling. Living in a house with five guys you begin to notice just how quickly garbage and recycling can add up. On Thursday after class I came home and began to analyze our garbage and recycling system, which I then realized was non existent. A roommate and I spent the afternoon reorganizing, and making our house a little more eco friendly. My goal is to focus on recycling, and encourage my house to be more aware of what we are throwing in the landfills. 









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